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Contrasts in Duty – Washington Edition

According to news reports, the scientists at Reagan National Airport were unable to successfully measure the total snowfall there, because their measurement tool was buried under the snow.  Curious, that the forecast was for 30+ inches of snow, and yet they weren’t prepared to measure that much?  Or secure their measurement device? According to FOX news:

The team at Reagan National, in Arlington County, Va., use a device called a snow board, in keeping with the requirements of the NWS. The board is supposed to be placed on the ground in a location where it will not be affected by high winds or drifting snow. It is supposed to be wiped clean and replaced every six hours.

But don’t worry, they are going to figure out what happened:

The error prompted the National Weather Service (NWS) to announce that it will be looking into the procedures used at Reagan National, where the official snow totals for the nation’s capital are recorded.

Meanwhile, four miles away at Arlington National Cemetery, the U.S. Army did not let the weather deter them from their duty at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier:


The 3d U.S. Army Infantry Regiment, “The Old Guard”, on duty this weekend.