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Come on in! The water is fine!

JAN 13TH – More great news for athletes competing in sailing, open-water swimming, and triathlon at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in August:  dead fish and garbage!  Officials are investigating and aren’t too worried, because the fish were likely dumped from trawlers due to their low commercial value.  The trash is just, well, plain old floating trash.  They will report back in five days with their water analysis.  I’d get caught up on all my shots, is all I’m saying.

UPDATE: Haven’t heard anything from Brazilian officials, so I’m sure the tests came back fine.  Commence selling all that crappy Rio Olympic merchandise!

I would cry too…

…if I showed up looking like this:

when all the other samba queens showed up looking like this:


..or this:

After much controversy about how appropriate it was to have a seven-year-old act in the samba queen role (usually reserved for grown-up models and grown-up dancers), carnival in Rio de Janeiro has come and gone.  We all know how racy Carnival in Rio can be, and it’s not because of strong language.  Seriously, though, the second-grader (the top picture) was chosen to represent her school for her dancing skills.  Oh, and her dad is the president of the samba school she represented.  She cried on the float during the parade (wouldn’t you???), but pulled it together to finish strong.  Now she’s left to aspire to be just like one of the other ladies shown above. It’s a character-building experience that will motivate the little girl to achieve her goals. Crisis averted?