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Come on in! The water is fine!

JAN 13TH – More great news for athletes competing in sailing, open-water swimming, and triathlon at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in August:  dead fish and garbage!  Officials are investigating and aren’t too worried, because the fish were likely dumped from trawlers due to their low commercial value.  The trash is just, well, plain old floating trash.  They will report back in five days with their water analysis.  I’d get caught up on all my shots, is all I’m saying.

UPDATE: Haven’t heard anything from Brazilian officials, so I’m sure the tests came back fine.  Commence selling all that crappy Rio Olympic merchandise!

If they work as well as the bathrooms in Sochi, I’d be wary…

“100,000 Condoms available to Sochi Olympians

Russian Olympic Bathroom Etiquette

I’m hanging this up in both bathrooms of MY house. I am sick and tired of the kids fishing in my toilets, and whatever it is that last picture is supposed to be.  Is the stick man shooting up drugs next to a toilet?   I guess even illicit behavior in the vicinity of a toilet will clog it in Russia.  If it’s good enough for the Olympics, it is good enough for my house – Cranky Children be warned!  All the nonsense depicted on this poster better stop!  Pronto!