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Hey, wait a minute: NFL Cheerleaders Just Now Figuring Out They Work for Very Little Money, and Boy are They Mad!

You mean you can’t support a family of four cheer-leading for the Oakland Raiders? No way!  They work more hours than they are paid for? Shut up! You say you get fined for not having the appropriate equipment for your job? Dude!  Read the article,it is a little bit sad. They get paid $1200 bucks or so per season for looking hot and cheering.  Pretty soon the President will step in on this “war on women” issue, and require full benefits and free pom-poms for all female cheerladies. Look – if you are not getting paid what you are owed, then that’s wrong.  If you didn’t bother to read your employment contract, or you took a job that pays shitty because it is really kind of a hobby than a vocation, then bad on you.  This just in: there are plenty of ladies who will cheer for free. I’m just saying.

Happy Meal Lawsuit Dismissed – Sorry, Whine-Country Parents!

Hooray for common sense, and hooray for the flushing of this kind of flotsam and jetsam that clog our nation’s judicial system.  I’m lovin’ it! The suit alleged that McDonald’s engaged in a:

“predatory practice that undermines parents, causes rifts in families and harms kids’ health.”

A crappy twenty-five cent toy can do all that?  In that case, I am off to court to file suit against Apple and Nintendo, because Angry Birds and Just Dance 3 are undermining me and my husband, causing rifts in my family! Boo hoo! Get a grip, losers, and try  to start acting like grown-ups.