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Contrasts in Duty – Washington Edition

According to news reports, the scientists at Reagan National Airport were unable to successfully measure the total snowfall there, because their measurement tool was buried under the snow.  Curious, that the forecast was for 30+ inches of snow, and yet they weren’t prepared to measure that much?  Or secure their measurement device? According to FOX news:

The team at Reagan National, in Arlington County, Va., use a device called a snow board, in keeping with the requirements of the NWS. The board is supposed to be placed on the ground in a location where it will not be affected by high winds or drifting snow. It is supposed to be wiped clean and replaced every six hours.

But don’t worry, they are going to figure out what happened:

The error prompted the National Weather Service (NWS) to announce that it will be looking into the procedures used at Reagan National, where the official snow totals for the nation’s capital are recorded.

Meanwhile, four miles away at Arlington National Cemetery, the U.S. Army did not let the weather deter them from their duty at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier:


The 3d U.S. Army Infantry Regiment, “The Old Guard”, on duty this weekend.

Hallmark Channel to obtain rights to Iran/US Sailor Story

The Hallmark Channel is close to receiving approvals from the State Department to produce a heartwarming, feel-good movie about the happy, diplomatic resolution to yesterday’s interaction between the Iranian and US Navies.  According to State sources, the US Naval vessels were straying into Iranian waters as a result of some sort of mechanical failure.  The Iranian Navy  provided mechanical assistance (and even checked out the American communications equipment for good measure), kept the sailors warm and safe (to include a hijab for the female sailor), and provided overnight accommodations (the hummus was reportedly out of this world), before sending them on their way.  State also added that there were unconfirmed reports of hugs exchanged before the US vessels got back underway.  It is unknown whether the piece would include portrayal of the potential disciplinary action for those American sailors who were clearly in the wrong.

“Our viewers look forward to schmaltzy stories of new found friendships and dramatic changes of heart ; we make a lot of money making up stories in that vein, but producing a story based on a real-life event would be a big win for us” said Barry Heart, Senior Executive of Production.

The two-hour special will highlight the new environment of cooperation between the two previously at-odds nations, and how diplomacy and civilized discourse can solve any problem.   Hallmark expects to receive approval from the State Department this week.  The production would be slated to air in mid or late October.

Breaking: Obama Warns, Russia Yawns

More weak talk from the White House predictably does absolutely nothing to deter the Russians from sending troops to the Ukraine. New vocabulary words already being dispensed to press: it’s not an invasion, it is an “uncontested incursion”. So nobody, especially us, has to step in. It’s very nuanced for us common folk to understand. Get back to your cocktail party, everyone, nothing to see here!

Ask me about my boots….

Yes, that is my giant, white leg in the photo.   Shut up, it's for a good cause.

Yes, that is my giant, white leg in the photo. Shut up, it’s for a good cause.

… I got them in the mail last week from The Boot Campaign, a good cause to help our men and women in uniform. What do they do with the money they raise?

Our goal is to have a holistic approach by balancing our funds to meet a variety of needs including job placement assistance, shelter, family services, counseling, children’s needs, surviving spouse assistance, etc. – See more

The boots themselves are used to not only raise funds, but awareness:

Our goal is to see 1.4 million Americans with their boots on thanking 1.4 million active duty military serving in 150 countries globally and stateside. – See more

Thank a Veteran Today…

…it’s the very least you can do.

Get Wet ‘n Sandy!

My Cranky Boys shown here on Spectacle Island, in Boston Harbor last week.  They learned about getting “wet and sandy” by watching the Discovery Channel’s documentary that followed a class through the six-month  Navy Seal BUD/S training program.  For those unfamiliar with the term, its tip #9 in the ‘Top 10 Thinks to Know Before BUD/S” from‘s fitness center:

9. Wet and Sandy

Jumping into the ocean then rolling around in the sand is a standard form of punishment / motivation for the class at BUD/S. It is cold and not comfortable, so you just have to prepare yourself for getting wet and sandy everyday at BUD/S. On days that you do not get wet and sandy, it will be the same feeling as getting off early at work on a three-day weekend!

Beware: after watching the videos, your kids may start saying things like “let’s do some log PT?”,  “it pays to be a winner”, “second place is first loser”, and “the only easy day was yesterday”. Take your chances.

Memorial Day Weekend – It could kill you

Ahhhh – the long weekend that officially kicks off summer: you’re probably planning to play outdoors with the kids, have a BBQ, open your pool if you have one, and simply enjoy time without soccer or swim lessons. Or: you could read the news and see that your seemingly pedestrian plans will probably spell doom for you and your entire family:

Can your grill give you cancer?

But wait: marinated chicken won’t give you as much cancer!
Does you sunscreen really work?
Mosquitoes will make you sick for a long time!

Pollen and allergies make you suicidal!

Some mosquitoes don’t care about DEET!
For God’s sake, you didn’t get an inflatable pool, did you????

 Honoring those who lost their lives in valor in the safety of a hypoallergenic panic-room seems to be the best course. That other traditional stuff will kill you!

Forget Tsunami Warnings; Tipping Warnings a Must for Guam

Okay, so the military would like to relocate 5,000 Marines and their families to Guam, the westernmost American territory, so they have to hold hearings with Congressional stooges who ask the really tough questions. Here is Representative Hank Johnson (D-Georgia) really putting the screws to Admiral Robert Willard (head of the U.S. Pacific Fleet). The Admiral probably killed himself on the way home after seeing first hand the morons from whom he takes his marching orders.  Hey, isn’t Guam awfully close to the edge of the earth?  We don’t want to lose any Marines over the side, do we?

Interesting points:
Johnson is semi-literate, stoned, or very ill. Let’s say he’s ill.  I like how he leans over to demonstrate how the island may “tip over and capsize”.

The Admiral shows respect and maturity by not laughing in this fool’s face; these are character traits lacking in most of the people he faces in Washington.  My snark sense was going crazy, and then this cool customer says “Sir, to your point, Guam is a small island”, and “We don’t anticipate that”.  He doesn’t even crack a smile.

UPDATE:  I’ve just read the transcript of the entire exchange, and apparently Mr. Johnson was using this as a metaphor for ecosystem issues facing Guam with a population increase.  If you read the transcript (without benefit of the video), he just sounds moderately annoying and then stupid, but seeing the conversation gives you the idea that he has no clue.  If the video included the entire exchange, I don’t think it would change anybody’s reaction to it.  This must make me a racist moron, unable to appreciate the nuance of his statements. By the way, his questions were “on second thought”.  He originally had no questions for the Admiral. He submitted a response to the video now circulating. Imagine if Sarah Palin had said this stuff???