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Mother of the Year

No sarcasm intended here. Apparently this mom took her son to task for being a punk-ass thug during the “protests” (PC term for rioting and looting cuz you can) in Baltimore. He’s not so tough when his Mom comes around, eh? Rock on Mom, Child Protective Services is probably at your house already, but law enforcement will continue to let Baltimore burn.

Jeez – Did any of these bright women consider putting clothes on it?


“Ahhhhh, offensive statuary alert!”

Wellesley College is in a tizzy about a statue of a realistic-looking man in his underwear, supposedly sleepwalking. The bright young women of Wellesley have started a petition, and are outraged because the statue us making them feel creeped out, and may trigger memories of sexual abuse or assault. The statue is on the sidewalk of a well-trafficked pathway. Did anybody consider putting a poncho on it? A winter coat? At least a hat? Those inferior public school kids would have already put a zombie mask on that thing, or would have dressed him as a Domino’s delivery man complete with pizza boxes. Or wrapped him up in toilet paper a la The Mummy.  The same elite universities that encourage movements like Occupy (pooping on police cars and “civil” disobedience) have created a campus environment of victimization and helplessness, where everything you disagree with or deem unseemly must be removed, deleted, or erased completely, then buried in a deep, dark  hole forever. Civilly put some clothes on that dude, ladies! God forbid you have some fun with this.  Who’s going to arrest you?

Hey, wait a minute: NFL Cheerleaders Just Now Figuring Out They Work for Very Little Money, and Boy are They Mad!

You mean you can’t support a family of four cheer-leading for the Oakland Raiders? No way!  They work more hours than they are paid for? Shut up! You say you get fined for not having the appropriate equipment for your job? Dude!  Read the article,it is a little bit sad. They get paid $1200 bucks or so per season for looking hot and cheering.  Pretty soon the President will step in on this “war on women” issue, and require full benefits and free pom-poms for all female cheerladies. Look – if you are not getting paid what you are owed, then that’s wrong.  If you didn’t bother to read your employment contract, or you took a job that pays shitty because it is really kind of a hobby than a vocation, then bad on you.  This just in: there are plenty of ladies who will cheer for free. I’m just saying.

Burqa King Superstore Opening in Wrentham

WRENTHAM – This weekend, the world’s largest halal burqa and clothing retailer will open its “Burqa King Superstore” at the Wrentham Village Outlets, taking the retail place of the now bankrupt “Spoons R Us”.  Parent company By Allah’s Beard is excited and hopeful about its first foothold in New England. The company has two retail locations in Michigan  – Burqa King, and Burqa Barn, and one in London’s posh West End  – The Bonnie Burqa Boutique.

Real Housewives of Dubai – New Episode

The ladies’ favorite lingerie shop is closed because it had male employees, so Fatima tries to get a job to help it re-open, but cannot get the required permission from her husband. Religious police mistake hirsute friend Aliyah for a man and is arrested for being in a lingerie shop. Ladies are excited to go to a book fair with their husbands though they will use separate entrances and sit in separate areas. The ladies discuss the cleanliness of their breasts after reading remarks by the Prime Minister of Egypt.

On International Women’s Day: Celebrate Women Who Can Be Anti-Semitic, American-Hating Scumbags If They Want To

WASHINGTON – Secretary of State John Kerry and First Lady Michelle Obama were planning to bestow an International Woman of Courage award to Samira Ibrahim of Egypt this week.  The award has since been put on hold since Ibrahim, a women’s rights activist, seems to have been very vocal in praise of Adolf Hitler, last year’s murder of Jews in Bulgaria,  and the 9/11 attacks on the American embassy in Cairo, also last year.  Ibrahim has certainly shown that she is a woman of courage, bravely spewing violent, anti-Semitic hate in the otherwise male-dominated hatemongering world.  Break through that glass ceiling, Samira; let’s not forget that women can be destructive haters, too!  You go, girl!

International Women’s Day

I know, I didn’t get my cards out either. I will not launch into the hypocritical daily news items on the war on women, so instead here is a funny thing I saw on Twitter:


Choose your role models carefully!

Don’t Define Me By My Lady-Bits! Wait, Here’s a Photo of My Lady-Bits!

If you post a photo of my private parts, it is offensive, pornographic, and an assault on the beauty, independence, and value of women.  It is proof positive that there is a war on women.  If I post a photo of my private parts, I am celebrating my beauty, independence, and value.  It is proof positive of the power of women.  If you are in the mood, or not feeling very confident about your lady-bits, pose for a crotch shot, and send it to the Large Labia Project.  “Show your labia pride.” Honestly, ladies, we are our own worst enemy.

Real Housewives of Dubai – New Episode on BRAVO!

This week:  The new fatwa about baby burkas gives Aliyaah and Nasrallah a reason to head to the Dubai Mall for some shopping (to the tune of $67,000).  Fatima’s husband invests in a Formula 1 racing car, and asks her to choose what color it should be – she seeks input from the ladies.   The ladies discuss King Adbullah’s historic appointment of women to his advisory council, so they ask one of their male family members to drive them to their womens-only spa to celebrate the milestone .

Women are Bitches – to Each Other

Democratic Adviser Hillary Rosen opened the angry-mommy floodgates this week by arguing that Ann Romney “never worked a day in her life”, so she should not opine on economic matters.  She could have said that the Romneys have never dealt with financial hardship, so they cannot relate to Americans that are in dire financial straits, and that would have been a factual observation. But instead, she said what many liberals (to include liberal women) believe: that choosing to stay home and raise your children is an under-utilization of your skills and intelligence, and a cop-out to accepting real-world responsibility.  This was just another slap at traditional American family life, delivered by a person very close to the White House.  Ms. Rosen dug herself deeper when she “apologized” for coming off badly, but she kind of flubbed that, and I think she said exactly what she wanted to say.  Now the Democrats are running for cover to distance themselves.  But the message was delivered.  And received.

Ann Romney never had to get a job and just stayed home with her kids = Bad!

Sarah Palin was governor of a state and ran as Vice President and did not stay at home with her kids = Bad! Very, very bad!

Hillary Clinton famously commented that “I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas, but what I decided to do was to fulfill my profession which I entered before my husband was in public life” = You go, girl!

Today’s feminism is not about supporting women in their almost limitless choices in this day and age, or about ensuring equal opportunities for women, or supporting women’s rights worldwide (cue the crickets on the liberal response to women’s rights worldwide).  Today’s feminism is about women applying a different set of standards to other women, depending on which side of the aisle they sit on.  And the bottom line to all of this unprincipled posing, posturing, and judging is abortion.  It seems that the unfettered right to abortion is the modern woman’s Holy Grail, and it must not be threatened in any way.  Are we seriously so “evolved” that this is the single most important issue in our lives? What does that say about us as women, if the most important issue in our lives is the ability to end one?

We do not have to agree with each others’ choices, but we must respect and support them.  To be used by politicians to apply a double standard to different women makes Ms. Rosen and her ilk unprincipled whores, plain and simple.  And I respect their decision to be whores – tools of men in power, but I certainly do not agree with their choice. Now if you’ll excuse me, I must get out of my bubble bath, stop eating my bon-bons, and get to library duty at my kids’ elementary school.