Epi Pens = YES, Rectal Syringes = NO

In today’s world, many parents have been faced with having an Epi (epinephrine) pen thrust at them when another parent drops off a child that has a severe allergy of some kind. The first time it happened to me, the Dad dropped the kid, chucked the Epi kit at me, and ditched without saying a word.  Ok, not so helpful, and a teensy bit scary. Other parents have asked in advance about my comfort level with administering Epi, etc. and I appreciate the head’s up.  The Epi pens have clear instructions on them, and in the event of an emergency, you simply plunge that bad boy into the child’s thigh and push. Quite simple. So simple that children are taught to do this themselves at an early age.

On a somewhat related note, I read about a recreation group in Illinois being sued under the Americans With disabilities Act because they refused to administer the following epilepsy medication at their camp:

The medication, Diastat AcuDial, comes in a pre-filled syringe with a plastic tip and must be administered through a person’s rectum.

Ummmm. For real? Ask yourself if you want a camp counselor to administer anything through your child’s rectum.  Ask the parent at your child’s next playdate if they would be ok with that.  Ask yourself how psyched you would be to administer that to your own kids??? Talk this one up at your next PTO meeting or cocktail party. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

One response

  1. I carried an EpiPen on trips for awhile after a bizarre tongue-swelling incident — never explained — that sent me to the emergency room barely able to breathe. Jabbing yourself with a preloaded syringe is easy — if you’re not having an epileptic seizure.

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